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10 Iconic 90s Outfits Worn By Rachel Green In “Friends”

Let’s be honest. During the initial run of Friends, there was only one of the show’s three main girls who we all wanted to be: Rachel. 

The pampered Green girl developed significantly over the show’s 10-year run, but one thing that stayed firmly in place was Rachel’s frankly unforgettable—dare we say ‘iconic—90s style outfits. Whether it was a nipple-revealing spaghetti strap top or a denim vest, Rachel was the one inspiring thousands of young girls from ‘94 onwards in their 

In this article, we list the absolute most iconic outfits worn by Rach during the show’s entire tenure, from ‘The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate’ all the way to ‘The One Where They Say Goodbye’.


1. Save The Drama Tee

Rachel might have been known for her more glamorous looks, but this particular outfit is a total lazy day mood. The t-shirt design in of itself has become a way for fans to signal their “Friends” affinity to one another with nothing less than a quick glance.

Want to recreate it yourself? Buy a “Save The Drama Tee” here. Pop on a pair of your dad’s old shorts and you’re halfway in recreating one of the show’s most recognizable outfits. 

2. Plaid Skirt & White Turtleneck

Perhaps channeling her days as a spoiled, popular, and mean-spirited teenager, Rachel is seriously owning this school uniform-inspired outfit. 

Combining an off-white turtleneck with a plaid skirt gives this whole outfit a preppy look that frankly, we’re living for. This vibe is amped up to 11 thanks to the added detail of knee-high socks, as well as a pulled-back, messy ponytail.


3. “Girls” T-shirt

Another entry into the ‘you’ll only recognize it if you’ve watched the show 10 times’ genre of Rachel’s wardrobe is the fan-favorite ‘Girls’ shirt. Jennifer Aniston is the sort of woman who can make any piece of clothing desirable, and this outfit proves it. It might just be a plain grey tee with a bit of green text, but nothing quietly shouts “Friends” fanatic like this famous tee.

You can even get your very own right now as we have released a Girls Friends T-Shirt. Just be prepared to fight your friend over who gets to be Rach and who gets to be Monica. 

4. Brown Suede Vest

Not many people could pull off this cowboy-inspired number, but Aniston manages to do the impossible. Despite the surge of Y2K fashion, we don’t think too many people will be flocking back to this particular late 90s/early 00s fashion trend. Regardless, there’s no denying that this outfit is so 90s it hurts.


5. Spaghetti Strap Blue Dress

The spaghetti strap was everywhere in the 90s, and this list would be incomplete without at least one dedicated entry for the spindly shoulder support system. Other pasta might be available, but the spaghetti strap was the perfect accent to the 90s trend of heroin chic. When the ideal female body type was to be as thin as possible, there was no better way to emphasize someone’s figure than with two thin pieces of fabric. Above we can see Rachel was no different. Though, rather than a simple spaghetti strap top, Rachel rocked a stylish dress in a pale blue.

6. Knicks Basketball Sweatshirt

Every big “Friends” fan has wanted this sweater at one point or another. Helping to rep her local team, the New York Knickerbockers, Rachel was seen multiple times wearing this comfy-looking jumper. And she wasn’t the only one! Even Joey had his own version, meaning that lots of fans have been left wanting one for themselves. Luckily for them, we’re in the future, where you can buy a Friends Knicks Sweatshirt.

7. Deux Sweatshirt

While Rachel might’ve had some of the most extra lewks in the entire show, she sure did like to rock a sweatshirt! This one pairs excellently with the previous entry on this list, but it’s definitely one that’s a bit less in your face than official sports team merchandise.

The sweatshirt’s phrase “Deux athlète de la plage” doesn’t hold much relevance to “Friends” as a whole, but it has become an incognito way of reflecting your love for the show without opting for a cliche logo tee. If you’re someone who prefers to keep things on the down-low, we also sell this Deux Sweatshirt.

8. The Pilot Wedding Dress

What sort of Rachel list would be complete without the outfit that started it all? Of course, Rachel also treated us to another 90s number in the first episode of the series, specifically an oversized, millennial pink shirt that still looks stylish today.

But who cares about a shirt when this is on screen? I mean, can we just take a moment to look at that off-the-shoulder shallow V-cut? Not to mention the incredibly 90s characteristic of having both a bubble veil and a bridal headband.

9. Print Dress

 Is this the most 90s Rachel possible? Scientists say it could very well be. What could be more synonymous with the last decade of the 20th century than a gingham print dress? Not to mention how Rachel casually has a hairdo that probably took 4 hours to put together. Rachel’s hairstyles would certainly fluctuate in the show, but nothing quite ticks the 90s box than this boofy barnet.

10. The Taupe Suit

The 80s might have been known for bringing the world the female power suit, but the 90s wanted a slice of that sweet suit action all to itself. In fact, this sort of look has managed to endure in one way or another to this day. Still, Rach manages to reflect the trends of the time with a well-fitting v-neck shirt that’s seamlessly tucked into her trousers. Rachel might’ve been workshy, but in this number, she’s bound to clinch any job interview!

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